Getting Balanced Before Baby

an adventure in personal reflection and change

A New Season

I wanted to start this blog in order to share my own experiences as well as document them for myself… almost like a journal and a reference for accountability. It’s going to be a hodge podge of sorts since it will chronicle these next few months of self improvement and preparation for adding a little one to the mix.

Here’s a little history, a backstory if you will:

My husband and I dated briefly, very breifly and we married just before our 21st birthday. We knew because we married young we wanted to wait before having kids. For us, 28 seemed like a good age, it would give us plenty of time to travel, accomplish goals, and enjoy being married. Well… 28 came and went. Mostly because I was a full time nursing student and I wanted to finish school before we started trying for a baby.

Fast forward to the present time. I turned 30 at the beginning of the year, and I just graduated from nursing school last month. The next hurdle will be taking my RN board exam next month (as well as looking for a job). I can’t wait to start a family, BUT, there are a couple things left for me to do…

1. Lose the 20-25lbs I’ve been meaning to lose for 8 plus years.

2. Take an epic road trip with my husband.

3. Find a job.

4. Mentally and spiritually prepare for the gift/challenge that is motherhood.

The first I will be starting tomorrow. I just received my 1 month supply of Medifast Meals ( I will keep a consistent update of my progress for those of you who may want to start a program or are curious as to how it works. I am really excited to start, however, just like anything I know the “newness factor” is gonna wear off and I’m gonna want to quit so hopefully putting this out into cyber space will keep me reminded of why I started.

Please feel free to share your own experiences, or ask any questions you might have.


One comment on “A New Season

  1. Lady O
    May 23, 2012

    You have my full support mamas!! I’m excited to read your chronicles 🙂 ❤ Liz

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