Getting Balanced Before Baby

an adventure in personal reflection and change

Day 2 of Medifast

Just finished day 2 of medifast. First day started out great, then ended with a headache and a early bedtime. Day One also consisted of me staying at home watching the clock for my two hour mark so that I could eat again… dang I was hungry by dinner.

Here’s what I ate: 1. choc. shake  2. blueberry oatmeal 3. chai latte (I added 2 shots of espresso) 4. chicken and wild rice (added 1 cube of boullion, and 1 stalk of chopped up celery) My lean and green meal (lemon pepper chicken and zucchini) 5. a lemon crunch bar (just before bed).

Today I decided to start my morning off with coffee, I mixed 2 shots of espresso with the vanilla shake powder, mixed into a paste, added another 1/4 cup water, poured over ice, blended- mmm-mmmm, Frappe’ coffee drink. IT WAS SO GOOD. In fact everything I’ve had has been really good. I was genuinely surprised. Also today went much better, I went a little over 2 hours between meals, and after dinner tonight I wasn’t starving.

I actually had enough energy to go shopping with my girlfriend Jessica who is also starting medifast tomorrow. I will take pictures of her and introduce you to her shortly. I am so grateful to have someone to go through this weight loss adventure with!! 

I’m looking forward to seeing how tomorrow goes, so far I’ve found the best strategy for me has been to start off with a drink of some sort, and then alternate meals between carbs (oatmeal, pancakes, etc.) and protein (shake, eggs, soft serve). 

Over these last couple days I have realized how much I am led by my cravings or desires, that instant gratification that makes me “feel good” is so ingrained in me that I’ve had trouble knowing what to do with myself/ having motivation to do something different or productive without that “boost” during the day. I’m hoping that this will help deepen my trust in God, and give me some time to reflect on the motives behind my eating habits.


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