Getting Balanced Before Baby

an adventure in personal reflection and change

Turning a Corner

I just got back from a long weekend camping. I have a lot of experience with camping, however, with that said I don’t particularly enjoy camping because of the lack of certain creature comforts… i.e. heating/cooling, showers, etc. We stayed at a camp site with several rustic cabins and a mess hall so it was a step up from roughing it in a tent. I had a great time, although, I spent a lot of time “uncomfortable” both physically and spiritually. There were several occasions this weekend that I really wanted to “cheat” and eat all the junk food that was brought up even when I wasn’t hungry, just because I wanted to be included. That, and the fact that I didn’t sleep very well during the trip and was looking for something to boost my spirits. Rather than give in to the instant gratification I was looking for I decided to pray and ask God to reveal to me where in my heart is causing me to have such a struggle with my own comfort or discomfort. Whether it be food, or what bed I sleep in, or how hot or cold I am, I notice that those things have such an impact on me, greater than I would like them to have. My sense of entitlement holds my emotions, feelings and thoughts captive, which a times makes me feel completely overwhelmed and out of control. So being on this diet, and subjecting myself to a environment outside of my comfortable city life taught me a lot this weekend. And by all means I don’t have it all figured out.

BUT all in all, I was able to stay on-plan, and it gave me an opportunity to look at the root of my desires and behaviors. And in the end that was more satisfying than the Red Vines and pop corn that were tempting me. In saying “no” to those little things, I was able to say “yes” to looking at something deeper within me as well as allowing Christ to be my strength in this journey.

I’m almost to the week mark of my medifast plan (in ways it feels like I’ve been on it a lot longer, but it’s been 100 times easier these last 24 hours) I will do a weigh in on Day 7. Hopefully this last week of hard work will pay off.


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