Getting Balanced Before Baby

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A LONG Week, But Well Worth It.

I have officially completed my first week on Medifast. Honestly it was harder than I expected, but very do-able. I was VERY hungry the first 5 days. After I got over that, then the challenge was staying on plan. It’s very easy to rationalize our food choices for example “Oh, I’ve been so good all week, it won’t hurt to have this piece of bread, or have a couple tortilla chips with dinner.” I have had to struggle with these internal rationalizations all week. It is a lot harder to say “no” to something like food when you HAVE TO EAT. Unlike drugs or alcohol which you can generally avoid. I’ve had to look at it from this perspective: when I am saying NO to something I want (chips, bread, candy, ice cream, etc) I am saying YES to WEIGHT LOSS. And although the weight loss doesn’t give you the instant gratification in the moment you want it like food does, all in all you really WANT MORE to be thinner in the long run. 

In summery, this program has been difficult, but I have never been on a program that was so easy to follow, with such immediate results when you stay on-plan. I was nervous when I woke up this morning because I knew it was my weigh in day. I had stayed on plan all week (yaaaaay!) and it took a lot of will power. I was thinking to myself “I can’t do this another 3-4 weeks if I haven’t lost weight.” So I stepped on the scale, half awake, and lo and behold it read 174. I LOST 7 POUNDS!!!

Granted I know that is probably isn’t going to happen again- average weight loss on this program is 2-5 pounds a week. But if I can hit the 5 pound mark every week from now on I could in theory be at “goal weight” in 4 weeks from today. If not, that’s ok too. I’m so excited for my success and to actually see the fruits of my labor pay off. More than losing weight, this has been a process of making healthy choices, everyday, and sometimes every hour. I am looking forward to what the next week will hold. I will keep ya’ll posted.


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