Getting Balanced Before Baby

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End of Week 6, feeling comfortable in my own skin.

My husband recently took a picture of me, when I saw it I didn’t feel my heart get heavy. That’s a new experience for me. The April in my head always “looked” thinner than the April I would see in pictures. I’m finally starting to see both as the same and that feels good.

I am still at 167 lbs. Not yet at goal weight, but I am embracing my body type, I enjoy my curves, which are looking “less sloppy” and more refined. I don’t desire to look like the fashion models on TV or in magazines. But I do think my natural silhouette would make for a nice 1950’s bombshell.

I will post pics soon.

And I’m continuing to stay on the Medifast program. I’m finished with my first order so I’m going to modify my plan a bit, keeping my calories down suppliementing both my breakfast and lunch with medifast and having a “balanced” dinner.

It’s important for me to keep loosing weight. But it’s more important for me to feel good about myself again. Both require taking care of myself in the long run, rather than “feeling good” in the moment by indulging in things, gaining more weight, and feeling the heaviness in my heart when I see pictures of myself. Which can be a terrible cycle if I am not intentional about everything I put in my body.


One comment on “End of Week 6, feeling comfortable in my own skin.

  1. Diane Lam
    July 5, 2012

    That’s wonderful! You know it’s a funny thing! Pictures don’t lie! Nor does looking at yourself naked in the bathroom mirror! Yikes! Talking about myself here 🙂 ! I’m getting old. Things are going south on my body. I just have to accept it though. Can’t do anything about your own aging process. Some things you can’t control – many you can! I’m glad you’re taking control of your health! Always remember – you are beautiful!

    Hope you’ve had a nice 4th of July! I’ve had a relaxing “don’t feel like doing anything” one. Walked in the cloudy great weather, had quiet lunch with a friend. It’s great to do nothing sometimes – feels good!

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