Getting Balanced Before Baby

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A Day Late, End of Week Seven!

Weighed in yesterday- I’m currently at 166.6 lbs so almost another pound lost this last week.

I, in theory, could be losing more… however that would require me to workout 🙂

I’m really trying to get the motivation to do so! Once I start it isn’t that bad, it’s more the thought that intimidates me. I’m not sure why… I should probably put some more thought into that matter.

I guess part of it is that in the past I’ve put a ton of effort into working out, both cardio and weight training and I’ve gotten very little return. My American Capitalist mindset is that of:

“Why would I work so hard to see so little return?”

Though I know in the long run, the return comes in the form of staying healthy, and avoiding the costs of “lifestyle” whether it be hospital bills, secondary diseases, or an early death. I’m trying to keep that in mind more so than shedding major amounts of weight.

So rather than continue to “try” I’m going to start doing today. 30 minute workout here I come!!

I’ve really benefited from the accountability of this blog, it’s made a huge difference in the longevity of this undertaking. I hope it is just as helpful or insightful to those who read these posts as well.


2 comments on “A Day Late, End of Week Seven!

  1. Mel
    July 12, 2012

    April! I love your blog. I have posted a link to it on the family blog. Keep up the good work. It’s definitely inspiring.

  2. Jess
    July 14, 2012

    your bike rides count as exercise…don’t forget that! 😀

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