Getting Balanced Before Baby

an adventure in personal reflection and change

Day 4, a wedding, and a camping trip.

Today has been alright. I’m gearing up for my aunt’s wedding tonight (I’m gonna take a shake or bar along with me) and preparing for a memorial day camping trip. I’m hoping traveling with Medifast won’t kill me! I’m little by little getting back into the “real world”. I went to lunch with my husband today, ate some eggs before I left which I wasn’t crazy about. But, I was able to sit with him at lunch and not feel ravenous. Aside from nursing school this diet is one of the more difficult things I’ve experienced in terms of “self discipline”. I’ve been praying more than ever though, so that’s a good outcome to a challenge I’ve been avoiding for many a year.

I will be weighing myself in a few days, hopefully there will be some significant progress!


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